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The principal legislative mandated tasks accomplished by adult probation are the preparation of investigative reports and sentencing recommendations for the Consolidated Superior Court on criminal, and probation actions. Just as important and a mandated task as well, is the monitoring and supervision of offenders granted formal probation. Under the umbrella of monitoring, offenders are the supervision of our specialized programs such as AB109, Adult Felony Drug Court and Behavioral Health Court.


Adult Felony Drug Court & Behavioral Health Court


The program elements of these two programs are highly structured. The offenders granted entry into these programs are to appear weekly before the court and subject to intensive probation supervision. Through drug treatment or mental health treatment supplemented by referrals to life skills training and health services, the offender is supported throughout our community with our collaborative partners.

AB 109 Unit

This unit is located at the Day Reporting Center. It is a high risk field supervision unit in charge of offenders who were categorized under AB 109 legislation. This legislation decriminalized approximately 60 crimes and reclassified them making them ineligible for housing in state prison. This unit monitors Post Release Community Supervision offenders and offenders who are placed on Mandatory Supervision per 1170(h) of the California Penal Code.

Work Release Education Program (WREP) & Community Service Program

Both programs are based out of the Day Reporting Center (DRC). The WREP is ran by the Tehama County Sheriff's Department through the Probation Department and the Community Service Program is ran through the Probation Department as an extension of the Tehama County Superior Court.

Sportsman Lodge

The Sportsman Lodge is a sober transitional housing facility for male and female offenders on probation, parole, and the Sheriff’s work-release program.  Prior to placement in the Lodge, the offender’s case will be reviewed by the Sportsman Lodge committee to review eligibility, placement expectations and goals for the offender.  If the offender is accepted into the Lodge, there are strict rules and expectations that offer residents of limited means the chance to apply them to their own improvement, to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency, from addiction to sobriety and from dependency to earning one's livelihood.


Residents are allowed to stay at the Lodge for a maximum of four months.  All residents are subject to random drug testing and room searches to ensure compliance and a sober living environment.  A resident manager oversees facility management and offender compliance for work programs and treatment groups 24/7.

If not already gainfully employed, residents must participate in a work program offered at the Day Reporting Center, participate in a treatment program, or productively search for a job.  Residents are allowed to stay at the Lodge free of cost giving them a chance to save money from their earnings and improve their financial situation.  Residents are given a chance to restore their lives, secure housing and be a productive member of society.

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